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TEFL Course Details






Our TEFL courses will give you the tools, practical experience, knowledge and confidence to succeed in the classroom. 


Your education with our school will be comfortable, nurturing and productive experience.







• Actual teaching practice with real students of all levels of language speaking

• Language awareness enabling you to explain all aspects of English grammar

• Observation of experienced teachers

• Education in teaching methods and lesson planning


 This section of the TEFL course covers areas such as:

  • Lesson planning                                                                                                           
  • Approaches to language teaching and learning
  • Classroom management
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Teaching grammar
  • Reading and writing exercises
  • Role-playing activities
  • Pronunciation activities
  • Speaking and listening activities
  • Starters/Warmers- activities to begin and end  lessons
  • Controlled practice before actual classroom teaching
  • Vocabulary and language in context (reading, listening, web)
  • Textbook overview and explanation
  • Games and songs in the classroom
  • Classroom discipline
  • Teaching beginners to advanced students                                                                                                       
  • Teaching adults
  • Teaching individual students (private lessons)
  • Teaching young learners
  • Teaching Business English
  • Teaching conversation
  • Correction techniques
  • Creating and finding materials
  • C.V. Design for your ESL/EFL Career
  • Interview role playing

 In addition to TEFL

While learning how to teach is the primary focus of the TEFL course, it is not the only thing you will learn. Preparation throughout the sessions about finding jobs, creating a cover letter and CV, interviewing, obtaining a visa, finding an accommodation after the course, learning Czech and much more, are all important aspects to making your course as valuable as possible.


Language Awareness


Grammar - Covers parts of speech, simple sentence elements, terminology for teaching English.

Phonology - Covers phonetics, word stress, rhythm and intonation, sentence stress, connected speech, problems for EFL learners.

Most native speakers mistakenly believe that they can teach their language simply because they can speak it. Explaining the difference between the past simple tense and the present perfect tense is something that most Intermediate level students are able to do, and yet most native speakers of English are unable to answer questions about it.


The ability to understand how the language works and the rules behind different aspects of language is something that most native speakers are

unable to do. Teaching a language is very different from speaking a

language, which is why TEFL courses are so necessary.



Teaching Practice & Observation

This is the most useful and basic aspect of any TEFL course. What really sets us apart is the amount of classroom experience our trainees get during their 4 weeks.

Most TEFL courses have only 10 lessons of classroom experience --drastically altering how much practice you will have when you graduate. In our course each trainee will teach 15-20 lessons--all observed by a teacher.  You also will have follow-up feedback sessions.

Your teaching practice will cover all levels of language learning (beginner, lower intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate). Private lesson tutoring is also covered in the 4 week period. All teaching lessons are conducted with local Czech students, which makes the experience authentic and rewarding.

Our fully qualified trainers will guide you through the process of planning, preparing and delivering a successful class, as well as provide you with constructive feedback (both written and oral) on your performance each time you teach.Through preliminary practice sessions, teachers prepare and try out lessons before they lead any class.

Teaching in a classroom begins during the second week of the course. It will begin with a teacher conducting the class for a 45-minute lesson and will end with each teacher conducting a 90-minute lesson. After every teaching practice, students have a session with the teacher-trainer where they receive oral and written comments and suggestions.

Classes have between 8 to 10 students, which means that the trainee will not be overwhelmed by too many fellow students. By the end of the course, each student will teach 10-15 hours- all of which are observed and given feedback by trainers. This is double the industry standard of 6 hours because we believe that observed teaching to real foreign students is the only way to improve in the classroom.    




Observation of experienced teachers

Trainees will have the opportunity to observe and have discussions with professional teachers at least twice a week during the course. This experience is vital for all trainees to understand how a productive and successful classroom is supposed to look and run.

Each teacher’s lesson plan is discussed prior to the lesson so trainees attend the class prepared for what they will be witnessing. This allows trainees to not only learn about multiple teaching techniques, but also to see them practiced in a real classroom setting.

Trainees will have the chance to observe multiple teachers in the classroom and to observe classes of all different levels and styles.

Our school is also a language school with classes being taught solely by American native speakers, all of whom will be able to share their experiences and knowledge from their teaching. This will give each trainee a well rounded experience and allow each trainee to put together a vast amount of information on teaching methods and styles.





During the last week of the course trainees take a written/ oral test, which covers all aspects of what they have studied during the course. Along with the examination, ongoing assessment during the four-week course will count towards their 
graduation from the program.


The ongoing assessment is based on the following areas: 

  • Attendance
  • Completion of assignments and grammar/phonology/punctuation reviews
  • Successful completion of teaching practices
  • Completion and sufficient score on a final comprehensive exam
  • Active participation in class and work groups
  • Professional attitude, preparedness and behavior
  • Trainees must obtain at least a 70% overall grade in order to pass


Course Overview l Online Language Awarness Course l Visa and Assistance l Accommodation l Dates and Prices l Accreditation l Special Offers

Teach Abroad l Course Information  l Order Course l Living in Brno l Our Mission l Contacts



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