Movie Theater on Water


Movie theaters are inherently awesome places to be on their own, evoking memories of past big-screen adventures and nights spent eating popcorn and candy for supper. For a new film festival in Thailand called Film on the Rocks Yao Noi, an outdoor cinema was constructed in the most unlikely of places: right on top of the water. And it just might be the most amazing place you could ever want to watch a movie.

The amazing venue is called the Archipelago Cinema and is tucked away inside a bay surrounded by towering island rocks and lush jungle plants. It's a natural paradise, and it just happens to be the perfect spot for a floating movie theater. The lagoon itself is shallow enough that it turns into a watery beach during low tide. Once the tide shifts, the ocean once again fills the area.


Using recycled wood and other materials, a giant modular raft was constructed to hold the audience. Viewers relax on large cushions and enjoy the sounds of the ocean as well as the film on the screen in front of them. The rafts are loosely held together and then anchored to the bottom of the lagoon. This allows the ocean to push and prod the structure while keeping it within a reasonable viewing angle of the screen.

Archipelago CinemaThe massive display and projector are secured more firmly to the bottom of the bay, which is probably a good idea considering that these structures house all the important electrical components and wouldn't take kindly to a dip in the ocean. The viewing raft is designed to be portable, and will likely be used for other events in the future as well.

Showings only take place during the evening, and special ambient lighting is used to bring the surrounding island scenery to life. With all the amazing eye candy to be seen, it's a wonder anyone was actually able to focus on the movie playing, but those who attended have spoken very highly of the experience — which only serves to fuel our jealousy even further. Of course, 2012 was just the first year for this amazing film festival, so we can only imagine what wild things the foundation has planned for the future.





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