Why Choose Our Company?



Why learn American English?

You might think: "Why learn American English?" The answer is very simple: "The world belongs to American English. Not only is American English the most widely used language in the film, music and entertainment industries, but it is also especially used in business communications. Also worth noting is that most English-speaking tourists in Europe and the world are Americans. So, if you really want to understand and successfully use English, choose U.S. English! And for those who still long for “traditional British English ' we also provide lessons in British English.


What do we offer?

  • Instruction solely by native speakers from the U.S
  • For beginners through advanced, the direct method teaching methodology is used
  • Acquire a better knowledge of English
  • More certainty in practical use of English
  • Excellent chance to quickly increase knowledge of the language through lessons from native speakers
  • Learning American English, which is the most widely used language in the world
  • Administrative background and ordering center in Czech language
  • A great range of services and individual approaches 


What do we offer?

Teaching is done solely by experienced and carefully selected tutors (native speakers) from the U.S., so students will acquire the knowledge and confidence to communicate in English. 


Students will gain knowledge of the language much better because the concepts are explained directly in English, and beginners should not be afraid. We have prepared for beginners to practice the methodology which is guaranteed to work.


The administrative center for the American Language School uses Czech as its main language.

Increase your confidence! A lot of people who learn English and are at a good level are unable to communicate successfully. This is because most of the time the lessons they have received were from a Czech teacher who used the Czech language to explain concepts.


In lessons a person may have the skills to understand the most complicated English grammar and may also have a widespread knowledge full of wonderful English words;  but, when it comes to transferring the knowledge obtained in lessons to the ‘real world’ they cannot succeed as they imagined. For example, in normal conversations or simply watching movies, students may realize that while their English is not incorrect, they simply cannot apply what they have learned in their lessons in a natural way. Unfortunately, there are many students who are unable to apply their knowledge and skills in English and end up getting “stuck at a standstill.”


This does not apply to us. We focus on your ability to communicate. This is because, through our experience, students will hear and learn the English dialect directly in lessons. In other English language schools students only learn theory and grammar. The practice of communicating with a native speaker is something most students must do on their own.


What you learn one day, you can use the same day! After each lesson with us, you will feel immediate improvement because you know your knowledge has increased!



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