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Getting Around Brno

Public transportation in Brno is easy to use and spans across the whole city. An extensive tram and bus system means that you’ll never be in need of a car while abroad.


The following information about Brno’s public transportation is from the website: tripadvisor.co.uk.


The traffic system in Brno and surrounding areas

Municipal transport:

The operator of municipal transport in Brno is DPMB (Dopravní podnik města Brna). Its tarrification and lines are coordinated by KORDIS with whole Integrated transport system of Southern Moravia (IDS-JMK = Integrovaný dopravní systém Jihomoravského kraje). DPMB provides trams, trolleybuses, bus lines and even the shipping traffic on the dam lake.

Tickets can be bought in vending machines, located near stops, at the tobacconist's, or DPMB centers (the largest one is in Novobranská 18 and is opened every day). There is huge amount of ticket types. It varies according to time and zones you would like to pass through. As Brno is divided into 2 zones (marked as 100 and 101), you could manage just with this basic types:

- 10minutes ticket (2 zones, costs about 14Kč -this ticket is valid only for one ride);

- 15minutes ticket (2zones, costs about 18Kč and allows you to transfer freely to other trams, busses, etc);

- 60minutes ticket (2zones, costs about 22Kč and also allows you to transfer);

- all day ticket (2 zones, costs about 80Kč);

- 3day ticket (2zones, costs about 200Kč);

- 7day ticket (2zones, costs about 330Kč).

For those, who are going to Masaryk's Circuit: you can use a bus line 402 from Satrý Lískovec, but note, that circuit is in zone 410, so you will need a 3zone ticket 24Kč, 90min's).


There are 13 regular tram lines, representing the main transportation network. It connects mainly large apartment complexes (eg Líšeň,
Bystrc) with city center. Lines meets at junction points. The most important one is Hlavní nádraží, in front of the main railway station. It serves lines 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13.


There are three platforms, each equipped by the entrance into the underground passage, leading to the Main station and further to the Tesco department store in direction to Zvonařka bus terminal. Number 9 stops at separate platform, located by the right side from the main station. The other important junction is for example Česká, located in popular tourist area.


When some tram is going to its depot (mainly in the evening) it still have its sign number even though the course may be different from the regular line. Always check the terminal name on the sign in front of the car. If there is a word "VOZOVNA" written in inversive text (on trams with electronic panels) or on red border, it is the one which goes to depot. Before than such a tram leaves its regular course, passengers are informed by voice information system (in Czech language). This information also rolls at information panels in the car (both in Czech and English).

Here is a little overview of tram lines:

1 - goes from Bystrc (large apartment complex, dam lake of Brno nearby), via Hlavní nádraží (in the town centre), to Řečkovice. This line also stops near theathres Mahenovo, Janáčkovo, and Městské divadlo.

2 - from Modřice (outskirts area extrinsic to Brno, enclosed by some industrial areas), via Hlavní nádraží to Stará osada (junction with bus lines to the eastern parts of the area).

3 - from Bystrc via Česká to Stará osada.

4 - from Náměstí míru (at pretty quarter built up mainly in the interval between the two world wars, astronomical observatory or brand new swimming pool is also nearby, at place called Kraví hora) via Česká, náměstí Svobody (only to 7pm) and Hlavní nádraží to Obřany. Some connections ends at Maloměřice.

5 - from Starý lískovec (apartment complex) via Mendlovo náměstí (junction at Staré Brno, Mendel museum and Starobrno brewery are just here) and Česká to Štefánikova čtvrť.

6 - from Ústřední hřbitov (the central cementery) via Mendlovo náměstí and Česká to Královo pole - nádraží (railway station at Královo pole quarter).

7 - from Starý lískovec via Česká to Královo pole - nádraží

8 - from Starý lískovec via Hlavní nádraží to Líšeň-Mifkova (huge apartment complex)

9 - from Lesná (apartment complex) via Hlavní nádraží (right from station building) to Komárov (another apartment complex)

10 - from Nové sady (plaza almost in the city centre, under Denisovy sady - park around church of Petrov) via Hlavní nádraží to Stránská skála (nice and interesting place in nature; rock with caves, overgrowned by nice plants. But surrounded by heavy industry). One of the most interesting lines. During weekends goes only once per hour.

11 - from Rakovecká (near dam-lake) or Komín-smyčka via Česká to Lesná.

12 - from Červinkova via Česká and Hlavní nádraží to Komárov.

13 - from Bystrc via Česká and Hlavní nádraží to Juliánov H - line provided by historical street-car. This line is in duty usually in the summer and goes from Náměstí Svobody (main square in the city centre) via Hlavní nádraží to Nové sady. Order only in the summer.

Bus Transportation

 Trolleybuses: It supports tram network. Trolley lines often leads into some of the apartment complexes (Lískovec, Líšeň, Šlapanice, Slatina).


 Buses of DPMB go mainly to the nearest villages around Brno. There is also a lot of lines, provided by another corporations, but also usable with the same ticket (thanks to IDS-JMK). Such a lines are marked with numbers 100 and more. Be sure to check, if your ticket is valid for appropriate amount of zones you will pass. You can find it in timetable or in the map of IDS JMK.

Night Buses:

From 11pm most of regular daytime lines finish their duty. They are replaced by night lines, marked by numbers from 90 to 99. Each hour all night buses meets at Hlavní nádraží, where passengers can change between buses. Then, at x:00 or x:30 all continues away to their destinations. The same tickets as in the daytime are valid. Night lines are heavily used, mainly by youngs coming home from pubs in the city.

How to get from the airport:

Getting from the airport Brno-Tuřany, using public transportation can't be easier. There is only one bus line (number 76), connecting city with the airport. The bus stop is almost directly in front of the entrance from airport. You will need a 15Kč ticket. Try to buy it at tobacconists in the airport. You can also buy a ticket from driver, but price will be 20Kč. Buying tickets from driver is not recommended as they sometimes have no change, no time or no tickets to sell. Line 76 is in service from 4:35 to 23:35 every day and it goes every 30 minutes. Journey from the airport to the city lasts 21 minutes. Terminus is at stop "Hlavní nádraží", close to hotel Grand. You can there easily change to many tram lines (see paragraph about trams).


Brno Lifestyle l History l Trafic System in Brno  l What to Bring  l Links

Teach Abroad l Course Information  l Order Course l Living in Brno l Our Mission l Contacts


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