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Brno Lifestyle


Culture, entertainment, history, job opportunities, inexpensive living, night life- Brno’s got it all!


Brno is a city that affords vast opportunities for any foreigner who desires an exciting and life changing experience abroad.



With multiple colleges Bno has a vibrant and thriving culture. The center is full of restaurants serving

Czech and many other types of cuisine, pubs overflowing with delicious Czech beer and Moravian wine and clubs with live entertainment.



And, if it’s cultural experience that you want, you’ll find churches, museums, a castle and history everywhere you look.



In Brno, because fewer foreigners are searching for teaching jobs, it is much easier to obtain a job than in bigger cities such as Prague where large numbers of English teachers compete for positions.  Just as important, in Brno, you will not have to worry about being alone in a foreign country. A community of foreigners gathers regularly in Brno each week so you will have the chance to meet other people in similar situations as yourself.

Another benefit of Brno is its low cost of living. Compared to most big European cities accommodation, food and health care (affordable health insurance and inexpensive doctor’s visits) are reasonably priced, allowing foreigners living here a comfortable and advantageous experience.

Brno Lifestyle l History Trafic System in Brno  What to Bring  Links

Teach Abroad l Course Information  l Order Course l Living in Brno l Our Mission l Contact





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